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Grady is one of Ireland’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality windows and doors for new houses, replacement works to existing homes and large scale developments.

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Training Programs

Our comprehensive training program covers product knowledge, installation techniques, building regulations and standards, and health and safety. We believe that properly trained installers are crucial for the safe and effective installation of our fire doorsets.

At Grady Joinery, we take the training of our installers very seriously. We believe that ensuring our fire doorsets are installed correctly and in compliance with building regulations and standards is crucial for the safety and protection of building occupants. Therefore, we provide our installers with comprehensive training to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to install fire doorsets safely and effectively.

Our training program covers the following areas:

  • Product Training: We ensure that our installers are familiar with the features and benefits of our fire doorsets, including the materials used, fire rating, and different components that make up the doorset. This knowledge is essential for our installers to correctly install our fire doorsets.
  • Installation Training: We teach our installers the proper installation techniques for fire doorsets, including using the appropriate tools and equipment, installing frames and hinges, fitting locks and handles, and using fire-stopping materials. Our installers need to have these skills to ensure that they install our fire doorsets safely and correctly.
  • Building Regulations and Standards Training: Our installers are educated on the various regulations and standards that apply to the installation of fire doorsets, including requirements for fire resistance, smoke control, and accessibility. It is essential for our installers to be aware of these regulations and standards when installing our fire doorsets.
  • Health and Safety Training: This component covers the risks associated with fire doorset installation, including the use of personal protective equipment, safe working practices, and the identification and management of hazards. Our installers need to be aware of these risks to work safely and protect themselves and others from harm.

In summary, our training program is designed to provide our installers with a comprehensive understanding of fire doorset installation, building regulations and standards, and health and safety best practices. This training enables us to deliver high-quality, reliable installation services to our customers, ensuring that our fire doorsets are installed correctly and provide effective fire protection.

For more information about our installer training programs, please contact our dedicated team of experts who are ready to guide and support our installers in achieving the highest level of expertise in fire doorset installation.