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Grady is one of Ireland’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality windows and doors for new houses, replacement works to existing homes and large scale developments.

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Installation Services

Grady offers a comprehensive installation process for its fire doorsets, including site surveys, preparation, installation, fire-stopping, and finishing. Throughout the process, our experienced team works closely with the project team to ensure that all relevant building regulations and standards are met.

The installation of fire doors is a critical process. Grady use expert and approved craftsmen for this work. The survey and installation procedure has been refined so that each phase is recorded and verified.

The surveyor designs the door in collaboration with the site team and removes trims to ensure new door can be installed without unessary delays, video images of existing door are captured .

The installers video the detailed progress of the installation process and these videos become part of the history of each door.

The integrity of fire doors is critical. The information demonstrating that fire doors are compliant is of equal importance.

Each fire door manufactured by Grady has an embedded chip that can be read by smartphones using near field communication. An app on the phone allows the complete history of each door be reviewed. The data, held on cloud servers, provides real-time information to assist the planned inspection of the fire door assets. The data provides verification that the door was inspected, and if repairs are required the door can be flagged with the appropriate priority status and timeline for rectification. Further images can be added as required.

With appropriate access rights a full overview of the fire doors assets can be monitored from a desktop PC. Any non-conformance issues can be actioned and rectified in a timely manner.

Grady Door and Window Manufacturers hold this information on a cloud based server for an agreed time. This service can be extended by agreement. This service becomes a vital part of clients Facility Asset Management system and provides clients with the assurance that their fire doors have been properly installed and maintained.

For more information about our installation services, please contact our dedicated team of experts who are ready to assist you in ensuring a safe and secure environment for your property.