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Grady is one of Ireland’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality windows and doors for new houses, replacement works to existing homes and large scale developments.

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Product Brochures

At Grady, we’re proud of our extensive range of fire doorsets and other high-quality products. To help our customers learn more about these products, we offer a range of product brochures that provide detailed information on our range of fire doorsets, including specifications, features, and benefits.

Our product brochures are designed to provide customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions about their fire safety needs. Whether you’re a building contractor, architect, or property owner, our product brochures will help you choose the right fire doorset for your specific requirements.

Our brochures are available for download after login, and cover a range of products, including our Golden Thread range of fire doorsets. These brochures are regularly updated to ensure that they provide the most up-to-date information on our products and services.

In addition to our product brochures, we also offer a range of other resources to help our customers stay informed about fire safety and our products. These include technical specifications, installation guides, and maintenance instructions.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their fire safety needs. Contact us to learn more about our product brochures and other resources.

Technical Specifications

Grady Joinery provides technical specifications for all of our products to ensure that our customers have access to detailed information about their performance and capabilities. Our technical specifications cover everything from product dimensions and materials to installation requirements and maintenance recommendations. By providing this information, we help our customers make informed decisions about the products they choose to purchase.

Our technical specifications are regularly updated to reflect the latest industry standards and regulations, and we strive to make them as clear and user-friendly as possible. We also provide technical support for our customers, answering any questions they may have about our products and their specifications.

In addition to technical specifications for individual products, we also provide technical manuals and guides that offer more comprehensive information about product installation, maintenance, and repair. These resources are designed to help our customers get the most out of their Grady Joinery products and ensure that they continue to perform at their best over time.

To access our technical specifications and other technical resources, please login or contact our customer support team for assistance.